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Greetings from The Anvil Project

First, we want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to review our organization! We at The Anvil Project have a long history of working with the music industry and are excited to be able to help bands like yourself get their music to new listeners while making a difference for Americans with disabilities. The Anvil Project is a Non-Profit Organization that pursues equality for those living with a disability while using its influence to support local musicians. We work with some amazing companies and venues to implement accommodations for persons with disabilities that want to be more active in their community. To encourage donations, we send an "Anvil Box" as a thank you for donating. All contents of the "Anvil Box" are donated by musicians just like you, who want to gain new listeners and be a part of a great cause. Exactly what is in this box will vary based on the amount donated. The list of artists who have participated can be found on our website or by clicking this link: http://www.projectanvil.com/participatingartists There are no quantity restrictions for artist submissions. Simply put, the more you send the more we will distribute. Submissions can include but are not limited to vinyl records, cd, shirts, stickers, keychains, etc. (please send both signed and unsigned items as we would like to offer more for those who decide to donate more).